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Most Popular Questions

How old do I have to be to play Selfie Lottery?
You have to be 18+ to play The Selfie Lottery.
Is The Selfie Lottery free to play?
Yes, it is completely free, you can complete offers and surveys on the site to earn yourself Bonus Jackpot. You will then be able to claim your Bonus Jackpot when you win the Daily Draw.
Do I give you bank details?
We never ask for bank or payment details. Winnings are sent via Paypal, this is safer and more convenient than providing us with bank transfer details.
Can everyone play from around the world?
Currently The Selfie Lottery is only available to users within the United Kingdom. We are looking to allow users from around the world later this year.
How do I withdraw my Bonus Jackpot?
You can claim your Bonus Jackpot on the day you win the Daily Draw. Simply click Claim and enter your PayPal email address to withdraw your Bonus Jackpot.
How can I get support with The Selfie Lottery?
You can contact us through our email address or you can private message on our Instagram and Facebook page.
How can I claim my prize?
When it’s your lucky day, you will be able to claim your winnings from the dashboard. At this point you can enter your PayPal email address you would like the winnings to be sent to.
What are the odds of winning?
The odds of winning depends on how many people sign up to The Selfie Lottery, the winners are picked at random by our Selfie picking algorithm.
When do draws take place?
Draws take place every day at 13:00, check the Daily Draw page every day to see if your selfie has been chosen.
Does any money go to charity?
All prize money goes to the winner, but you can choose to donate the money to a charity of your choice.