Goodbye for now :(

It is with great sadness that we’re announcing the closure of The Selfie Lottery.

Unfortunately we don’t have the time or resources the site needs to keep it going any longer :’(

We’ve paid out 180 members a grand total of £10,820. We hope you enjoyed the site whilst it lasted.

Thanks for all of your continued loyalty and support.

Hopefully we'll be back one day…

If you generate a successful referral, any time you win we'll double the jackpot amount for you and your referred friend.

We reward you with $0.65 for every day you come back to the site to check if you've won.

When you complete one of our bonus offers, this money goes into your pending bonus pot. Once the advertiser has confirmed you've completed the offer in full this money moves into your loyalty bonus for you to claim should you win.


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