• How do I know if I’ve won?

    You should log in to The Selfie Lottery once a day. The winner’s selfie is randomly selected each day and displayed from noon, and remains in place until noon the following day. If you log in and see that your selfie is being displayed, then you are that day’s winner!

  • If I see that I’ve won that day’s Selfie Lottery, how do I claim my winnings?

    Easy. If you see when you log in that your selfie is being displayed as that day’s winner, you alone will also have a ‘Claim My Winnings’ button beneath the picture. Just press it and follow the instructions. You must claim your winnings during the 24 hour period in which you are the winner; i.e. between noon GMT on the day you are chosen, and 11.59 am GMT the following day.

  • Is The Selfie Lottery free to enter?

    Yes. It’s totally free and always will be.

  • How are The Selfie Lottery daily winners chosen?

    The winner is chosen randomly each day by our software. You have precisely the same chance of winning on any given day, even if you won on the previous day.

  • When are The Selfie Lottery daily winners chosen?

    The winning selfie is randomly selected and displayed at 12 noon GMT, each day. That selfie remains the current winner until 11.59 am GMT the following day.

  • Do I have to re-enter the draw each day?

    No! Once you’ve uploaded your selfie you’ll automatically be included in the draw every day. The only thing you have to do daily is check if you’ve won.

  • How old do I have to be to enter The Selfie Lottery?

    You must be at least 16 years of age. By uploading your selfie you certify that you are of age to participate.

  • What happens to my selfie once I’ve uploaded it?

    You can upload your selfie with absolute confidence that it we will never use it for advertising purposes. We may wish to use your selfie in our own blog and social media feeds. However, if you do not wish for us to do this, you can change it in your profile.

  • Help! I didn’t get a chance to claim my winnings on the day I was chosen. Can I still get my money?

    Sorry, but no. You must claim your winnings before 11.59am GMT on the day after your selfie is chosen. That’s why it’s important to come back every day to see if you’ve won. If you don’t check... that could be the day you win!

  • My photo doesn't have any likes, does that matter?

    Nope! It's just a bit of fun. No winners are picked based on how good their selfie is.. it's all random!

  • How many times can I register with The Selfie Lottery.

    Strictly one registration only per person. So if you want more chances to win, you must refer your friends. If they win and you referred them, you both win the jackpot.

  • Can I register on someone else’s behalf?

    No. It’s against our Terms and Conditions to register in someone else’s name, or to upload selfies that aren’t yours.

  • How much could I win on The Selfie Lottery?

    There’s no limit. At the moment, our daily prize is £10. The winner is chosen and displayed from 12 noon GMT each day. If no-one has claimed the prize by 11.59 am GMT the following day, we roll over that £10 to the next day, when there’s then £20 to be won. If it’s not claimed that day either, there will be £30 for the winner the following day and so on. You can also add to your potential winnings by referring lots of friends. Every time somebody you have referred has their Selfie chosen as a daily winner, you receive the same amount they’ve won. As a bonus for referring your friends, we’ll double your winnings!

  • I don’t live in the UK. Can I still enter?

    Of course you can. We accept entries from any country, worldwide. If you win, we will simply convert your winnings into your local currency. If you are outside of the UK, however, you should register a PayPal account with us so that we can pay you. One last thing. Remember that our daily winner is chosen at 12 noon GMT and must be claimed by 11.59am GMT the following day. If you are in a different part of the world, you will need to work out what local time this equates to you.

  • I’ll keep forgetting to check if I’ve won. Can you email me to remind me?

    Sure! We can send you an email every day to remind you to log in. Only if you want us to though. You can opt out of receiving this in your account settings.

  • Can you email me if I’ve won?

    Sorry! We can email you each day to remind you to log in and check, but we can’t email you to tell you whether you’ve won the jackpot.

  • Someone else is using my selfie. How can I stop them?

    If you can see that someone else has uploaded a picture of you and is using it as their selfie, click on the image and press the Report button. You’ll be able to enter the reason that you are reporting the image, and we will then take the appropriate action.

  • Other users are uploading explicit photos that I don’t want to see. What can I do about it?

    We have in place a filter system to pick out selfies likely to cause offence. However, pictures may slip through from time to time. We apologise if a selfie uploaded by another user has upset you. Just click on the image, press the ‘Report’ button and mark either ‘Nudity’ or ‘Offensive’.

  • How does The Selfie Lottery make money?

    We have a number of small adverts running on the site and advertisers pay us to promote their services. This is how we fund our daily jackpot.

  • How will I be paid if I win?

    You must register either a UK bank account or a PayPal account with us. If you are a daily Jackpot winner, or if a friend you have referred is a daily Jackpot winner, which qualifies you to receive an equivalent prize as well, we will transfer your winnings directly to your account once you (or your friend if they have won) claim your winnings.

  • How long will it take me to be paid if I win?

    For UK residents we will pay you within 3-5 working days. For overseas winners it may take slightly longer.

  • Why should I refer my friends?

    Referring your friends means you get an extra chance to win. If your referred friend wins the jackpot, you win it too! The more friends you refer, the more likely you are to win.

  • How will I know how to claim if my referred friend has won, and how much will I win?

    When you login to check to see if you have won, you will see a "claim now" button underneath the winner of the person you have referred if they have won. For example if today's Jackpot was £10 and you had referred a friend who won, you will also have a referral bonus of £10 which is equal to the Jackpot, which means your winnings are doubled compare to if you had not referred or been referred. Your loyalty bonus will then be added to that amount.

  • Why has the amount I can win gone down?

    The amount you can win will change on a daily basis depending if the previous jackpot has been claimed or not. If the jackpot is unclaimed that money rolls over and gets added to the following draw. If the jackpot has been claimed the amount resets back to its default starting amount. But don't worry it always builds back up!

  • I don't wish to play The Selfie Lottery anymore, how do I close my account?

    Go to your user profile, once you're there scroll down and there will be an option that says "close my account", simply click that. *Warning* This button makes us sad, so only press it if you really want to leave :(

  • I completed one of your bonus offers and my bonus amount hasn't changed, why is that?

    If you have completed the offer in full and done all of the steps asked, it should track in your account within 24 hours. You must ensure you follow the steps carefully in order for your offer to track in your account.

  • How do I withdraw my loyalty bonus?

    The only way to withdraw your loyalty bonus is to win the daily jackpot.

If you generate a successful referral, any time you win we'll double the jackpot amount for you and your referred friend.

We reward you with $0.63 for every day you come back to the site to check if you've won.

When you complete one of our bonus offers, this money goes into your pending bonus pot. Once the advertiser has confirmed you've completed the offer in full this money moves into your loyalty bonus for you to claim should you win.


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