Selfie Lottery Offer Bonus!

Some of you eagle eyed Selfie Lottery fans would have seen a little but very important update on the site today, just underneath your entry details.

We have introduced a “pending bonus”. On its own it doesn’t mean a great deal but what it essentially allows us to do is give you guys extra money to win!

“So how does it work?” I hear you asking. Basically, we will shortly be sending you emails containing special links to bonus offers exclusively for Selfie Lottery members only. These bonus offers will vary in money. If you complete the bonus offer(s), this money goes into your offer bonus pending pot which is the number in the brackets. Once the advertiser has confirmed your bonus offer has been completed we pop that money into the offer bonus pot, which you can then claim when you win!

So for example if I complete a bonus offer worth $12, that amount will show in my offer bonus pending pot in brackets. Once the advertiser has confirmed the offer has been completed, the number in brackets will go back to $0 and the offer bonus pot will grow by $12.

Before you complete a bonus offer, please, please, please make sure you are logged in to your account and if possible once the offer has been completed, take a quick screenshot as proof just in case the offer doesn’t successfully track.

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100 Beautiful Winners

Today marks a big milestone at Selfie Lottery HQ, we’ve paid out our 100th winner!

It’s taken a little longer than expected as we don’t have as many claimed jackpots as we’d like to, but we’ve reached a goal none the less!

It seems like forever ago since we had our first ever winner on August 1st 2015, but 100 winners later and we’re still going strong.

We’re looking at making some improvements to The Selfie Lottery real soon, so if there’s anything you’d like to change about the site or you feel we could do something better, then feel free to get in touch with us, we’d be happy to hear from you!

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Selfie Lottery Love!

Giving our well-deserved winners their cash prizes is nothing new to us, it makes us happy knowing that we’re providing a service that people love!

Below are just a few of the testimonials that we’ve had back from previous winners, letting us know how awesome we are!

“I really couldn't believe I had won and just before Xmas as well was so happy and got to treat myself and get my boys something as well I've been doing it for a good few months and I couldn't be more happier thankyou selfie lottery for making my Christmas“

“I LOVE using the selfie lottery. It is so simple to use by just going on the site each day, and the rewards are worth playing for! The Selfie Lottery is addictive, so strap in and enjoy the ride! :)”

“Joined selfie lottery not thinking I was going to be lucky but I was! I was paid the same day very quickly after confirming into my PayPal account and still play hoping to be selected again #hopeful Thanks again”

“I absolutely love The Selfie Lottery! I come back to check their site every day and I've earned a great loyalty bonus for doing so. When I saw my selfie on the list of winners I couldn't believe it! I won because a friend I referred had been picked as the winner, so I won too! I really couldn't believe it when I saw I had won for a second time!!! Again, because a friend I referred was picked as the winner! I'm feeling so blessed right now! I can't thank them enough! It was more than easy to claim my winnings, too! It only took about a day to receive my money via PayPal! If you don't have PayPal, don't worry! You can receive your money via an Amazon gift card, instead! Though, it's really easy to open a free PayPal account! Anyway, I'm saving up my money for something really nice for myself! Not sure what yet, but when something catches my eye, I know I can go ahead & buy it with the money I've won from The Selfie Lottery!!! If you still haven't joined, I suggest you do! It's super easy to join & it's easy money!”

“I won on the selfie lottery not long after I had Uploaded my selfie actually. It was fab! I bought myself a pair of glittery chelsea boots with winnings! Thanks Selfie lottery!”

“I love the selfie lottery.. I come back every day to check and I have made sure to refer a few friends. My money was paid straight into my PayPal account on the day. I was so shocked to see I had won. I bought myself a few things and even treated the kids to takeaway. Thanks Selfie Lottery.”

“I was so thrilled when I found out I won with the Selfie Lottery. I could not believe it at first but the Selfie Lottery staff reassured me and the money was transferred to my account in less than 3 days! How awesome is that? I'd recommend them a 100% and it's free to enter so there is nothing to lose. I had been hit by an unexpected dentist bill so it was most welcome as well! Thank you Selfie Lottery!”

“So happy I won, fab site! Thank you!”

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HUGE Christmas Day Jackpot!

‘Tis the season of goodwill and to celebrate that we’re going to be giving away up to $1,241 to the winner of the Christmas day draw! If you've referred a friend to The Selfie Lottery you will receive the full $1,241 PLUS any loyalty bonus you've earned on the way, how good is that?! :)  

If you've yet to refer a friend (I suggest you do so now!) you will win $620 PLUS any loyalty bonus you've earned. 

If the winner does not claim their winnings on Christmas day, the usual rules apply. The jackpot will rollover and an extra $12 will be added to the total.

Good luck everyone and please remember to check the site! 

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Selfie sisters' earn £75k from strangers for posting selfies on social media

Selfie obsessed sisters have been bought £75,000 worth of gifts from strangers just by posting photos of themselves online.

The sisters have raked in the gifts from fans to their Instagram page. Men have splashed out on thousands of presents for Lucy, 28, Sophie, 26 and Stacie Brooks, 25, after viewing their photos.

The sisters, from St Albans, Hertfordshire, UK, have had designer handbags, shoes, iPads, flowers and gift cards totalling £15,000 from strangers.

Online fans soon asked if they could shower them with gifts but the sisters’ popularity came with a price - with one overzealous fan being handed a restraining order for harassing them.

The Sisters' Gifts So Far:

  • Computers £4,500
  • Dining table £400
  • Antique mirror £700
  • iPads £2,100
  • Photography gear £2,000
  • Perfume £5,000
  • Shoes £5,000
  • Handbags £3,000
  • Gift cards £15,000
  • TVs £800
  • Sound system £400
  • Flowers £10,400

You can check the sisters out on social media using the links below:

Would you accept gift from strangers just because they like your selfies? Let us know in the comments below how you feel.

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If you generate a successful referral, any time you win we'll double the jackpot amount for you and your referred friend.

We reward you with $0.63 for every day you come back to the site to check if you've won.

When you complete one of our bonus offers, this money goes into your pending bonus pot. Once the advertiser has confirmed you've completed the offer in full this money moves into your loyalty bonus for you to claim should you win.


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